Automatic analysis of pool water

Maintaining a pool can be tedious, especially when it comes to water analysis and control.
Fortunately, technology is advancing, and increasingly intelligent and automated solutions are entering the market. Automatic pool water analysis is a perfect example of this.


How to automate your pool?

Managing the water quality of your pool can be a challenge, but technological advancements now offer practical and efficient solutions through autonomous equipment. Among these devices, the pH regulator stands out as an essential element for automatic and precise analysis of your pool water.

1. pH Regulator: An Essential Ally

• Time-Saving: The pH regulator operates continuously, freeing you from tedious tasks of monitoring and adjusting pH.
• Unmatched Precision: The device analyzes water with great accuracy and makes minimal adjustments to maintain optimal pH.
• Chemical Savings: The pH regulator allows more efficient use of chemicals, reducing your expenses and environmental impact.
• Ease of Use: Easy to install and configure, the pH regulator allows you to fully enjoy your pool without worrying about water balance.

2. Redox Control: Ensuring Effective Disinfection

Redox control represents another major technological advance in pool water management. This equipment measures and regulates the disinfectant level (chlorine, bromine, etc.) in the water, ensuring optimal disinfection and preventing the proliferation of algae and bacteria.

3. Salt Electrolysis: A Natural and Automatic Option

Salt electrolysis emerges as an ecological and automated alternative to pool water treatment. This process generates natural chlorine from the salt dissolved in the water, without adding chemical stabilizer. Salt electrolysis thus offers a gentler solution for the skin and eyes, while respecting the environment. Salt electrolysis can influence the water's pH, so it's essential to pair it with a pH regulator to maintain optimal balance.

What are the benefits of automatic pool water analysis?

• Time-Saving: No need for regular manual analyses anymore.
• Peace of Mind: You are alerted in case of an issue and can take necessary measures to correct the situation.
• Precision and Reliability: Automatic systems are generally more accurate than manual tests.
• Water and Chemical Savings: Precise chemical dosing helps avoid waste and preserve the environment.
• Better Water Quality: Well-balanced water is more enjoyable for swimming and less likely to develop algae or bacteria.

In conclusion, automatic pool water analysis is an investment that will save you time, provide peace of mind, and allow you to enjoy consistently clean and healthy swimming water

The importance of a pH regulator for your pool
The importance of a pH regulator for your pool

Maintaining a pool is an important task that requires time and effort. Among the key elements to monitor, the water pH is crucial for the swimmers' health, treatment effectiveness, and equipment longevity.

Why automate your pool?
Why automate your pool?

Summer is approaching, bringing with it the desire to cool off in your pool. However, maintaining a pool can be a real chore. Fortunately, pool automation exists! Discover the numerous benefits of this solution to simplify your life and enjoy consistently clean and pleasant water.

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